Social Need

We're developing gesture based game platform for elderly to do cost effective exercises in eldercare and rehabilitation.

Frail elderly without exercise lose functional independence fast and admitted to long term care facility.

There is no cost effective and accurate device to guide elderly during exercise

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Introducing XFUN Specially designed hardware for rehab and day-care, which facilitates exercise any time of day to keep the elderly active and engaged.

Solution reminds about the exercises and encourages them to do it even when they are away from care centre.

Physician receives accurate feedback for improving the elderly activity. Exercise design as per elderly need and ability

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Technology Roadmap

Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence + Social Impact = Comp-O-Bot

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Your compassionate assistant in daily exercise!!

  • Comp-o-bot is developing hardware for rehab system, which facilitates exercise any time of day or week, keeping the elderly active and engaged.
  • This hand gear (XFUN) can help to monitor and log each and every hand movement during the exercise and thus make it easier for physician to provide accurate feedback on improving the elderly activity.
  • XFUN can help to remind them about the exercises and encourage them to do it even when they are away from care center.
  • XFUN can help design exercise as per elderly need and ability
  • Entertainment and engagement for elderly
  • By combining this gear with additional accessories, elderly person can control near by equipment by a simple hand gesture.

Please get in touch with Comp-O-Bot team to know more about its capabilities and how it can help to assist you in taking care of your loved ones.

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